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The result of analytical research of styles, colors and designs


Our History

Menizzi Eyewear USA was founded in 2005 on the sole purpose of becoming the eyewear industry leading provider of high fashion eyewear for children and adult petite size PD of all ages.
As Menizzi continued to expand so did the sizes of our frames and the number of new releases each year. After great success in our innovative Petite adult and children’s specialty market, we launched the BIGGU collection in 2009 providing a large selection to the wide PD adult customer.

Our Company

Menizzi is an innovative company devoted to bringing high-end fashion eyewear to serve the needs of children, teens and the petite market.

Premium Quality

At the heart of our company we offer bold, yet elegant designs, coupled with technical knowledge and supreme quality with affordable prices in mind.

Our Service

We are committed to providing the most efficient customer service in the industry. We give constant attention to before and after-sales service. Our products meet the demand of the consumer by incorporating lifestyles and fashion into each collection.

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Our eyewear can be found in unique and high-fashion boutiques throughout the U.S. To find out more about Menizzi Eyewear frames, please contact us at:
1 877 - MENIZZI
Or call us directly +1 (877) 636 4994

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